Since established, VOOPOO has believed in the strength of technology, which can bring pleasure and healthy lifestyles to human beings. Hence, VOOPOO sticks to pursue breakout and innovation of technology, so as to contribute to promotion of life quality of human society.

VOOPOO has a profound knowledge of the expectation from most users. We always create high quality products with outstanding technology, fashionable appearance and professional service so as to meet the needs of users with the best product experience.

In 2017, the founder team of VOOPOO had finally researched and designed GENE FAN chip together with the chip company of GENE after 3-year hard working. In the same year, VOOPOO had created its masterpiece---DRAG with 0.025s fire speed, providing a brand new experience to almost 4 millions users in about 200 countries all around the world, which not only as a fresh blood to the whole vape industry, but also leads the trend of the technology innovation on the fire speed.

From then on, VOOPOO has obtained an extensive reputation because of its continuous innovation seeking, the brilliant researches and designs of technology and its excellent product quality.

The founder team said:” We have faith in the strength of innovation, and believe in the technology that could bring us spirituous delight, at the same time, it can help the mankind live in healthy ways.”

The biggest source of innovation for VOOPOO is love and responsibility.

VOOPOO hopes to create the best products with best user experiences. We will continue to innovate and keep creating, so as to make our users and staffs be happy and the society be harmonious!

The society becomes better because of love, and love gets great because of responsibility. VOOPOO not only takes the responsibility of our products but also the whole society. We are doing our best to take the social responsibility and advocate a healthy lifestyle and convey an optimistic values so as to make our contributions to the human society.