Nasty Juice Devil Teeth

Nasty Juice Devil Teeth

  • €14.99

Nasty Juice Devil Teeth is a delicious honeydew flavour. It comes with amazing packaging and is a must try for fruity lovers! Nasty Juice Devil Teeth boasts a superior taste without having an overpowering cooling aftertaste.

Devil Teeth is part of Nasty Juice's signature low mint series. Nasty has taken the world by storm and the demand has skyrocketed in recent months.

Imagine the taste when sinking your teeth into a super soft and juicy honeydew melon on a hot sunny day. The rich juices pour into your mouth the moment you bite, overpowering your senses in a heartbeat. The fragrance of Nasty Juice Devil Teeth will overpower your taste buds - in a great way.

This is definitely a juice to love, especially if you love honeydew melons.It is hard to get all the different layers of flavours from such mellow-tasting fruit into a single bottle of vape juice. Nasty Juice Devil Teeth nails this by having layers and layers of pure honeydew gold. If you prefer flavours that are super cold, this may not be what you are looking for, as this flavour is part of Nasty Juices low mint series. However if you're looking for a rich honeydew fruity flavour, then please get your hands on one of these. This product has a ultra awesome taste profile that comes in a delightful, collectible packaging.

Honeydew (Low Mint)

Nic Strength :  0mg

Available in 50ml

PG/VG : 30/70