Nasty Salt - Fatboy

Nasty Salt - Fatboy

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Fatboy from Nasty Salts is a green mango and ice mix. Tropical and fruity with a minty hint

This special “Nicotine Salt” based E-Liquid features the strongest nicotine level allowed under the TPD, whilst having a far reduced throat hit compared to similar strength “ordinary” nicotine products. The end result is a liquid that can be used in almost any device, delivering a strong and powerful nicotine rush without being harsh on the throat.

Nasty Salt - Fatboy 10ml Nic Salt E-Liquid

E-liquid brand: Nasty Juice
Bottle size: 10ml
PG/VG content: 50% PG/50% VG
Nicotine strength: 10mg / 20mg
Key flavours:  Green Mango, Citrus, Ice